How to get rid of wasps and hornets

Did you know that colonies of hornet wasps in the late summer could contain as many as 700 members? Moreover, wasp nests are much bigger and their inhabitants can reach up to 10.000 members! That is one of the reasons why people want to keep them away from their home.

It is not only important to know how to get rid of those insects but also what is the difference between them as they are not treated the same way when trying to get rid of them. This guide will help you to determine the major difference between these insects as well as how to get rid of them effectively and once for all.

Bees, wasps and hornets – how to spot a difference?

Bees are small little buzzing creatures with yellow and black stripes and hairs on their body.

If you spot a hairless one, you can be sure it is either a wasp or hornet. They are seemingly the same, but wasps have bodies with black and yellow rings and they are much smaller than hornets. Hornets have black and white rings and they are much larger. All three species can be hazardous if found in your home. Best way to get rid of them is to call a professional pest control wasp and hornet removal company.

Important Note on Stings and Allergic Reactions

Wasp stings are a common problem, especially during spring and summer months, when people spend most of their time outside of their home and wasp and hornets get aggressive in search of food. Their stinger contains venom that is transmitted into the person body and can cause an allergic reaction as well as significant pain and irritation. If not carefully treated, the hornet or wasp sting will cause a serious reaction.

What are some of hornet or wasp sting symptoms?

For the majority of people who are not allergic, they will include:

    • redness
    • swelling
    • itching
    • raised welt around the sting

The raised welt around the stinging area that will disappear within several hours. More major issues are nausea and vomiting and even extreme redness or swelling area that stays for a few days. Anaphylaxis shock is a rare condition but it is a life-threatening state where a person goes into a shock and need to be treated in a hospital.

How to detect a wasp nest?

If you’re detecting a large number of wasps and hornets around your residential or industrial property, there is a high chance you have a nest in your garden, on the roof or nearby your property. It is important to treat the problem immediately as wasps or hornets build nests quickly. The sooner you tackle the wasp nest it will prevent a wasp hornet or bugs nesting causing any further building damages or physical pain caused by wasp stings.

The wasps or hornets usually make their nest from chewed wood pulp or saliva, in sheltered spots with an easy way out, like in wall cavities, garages, gardens or under eaves. You can easily locate the nest if you observe the flight path of returning wasps.

Paper wasps, known as vespid wasps build their wasps nest using fibres from dead wood and plant stems, which they then mix with saliva. The paper wasp then uses these materials to build nests which is a water-resistant nest made of a grey or brown papery material.

How to keep wasps and hornets away from your property?

Below are some simple tips to keep pests away.

Pest Control.

Firstly, do not try to get rid of them by yourself. You can only make the issue grow bigger by having yourself being stung by a wasp or hornet or by increasing the number of already existing wasps from the nest. If you spot a wasp or hornet nest, contact a professional pest control company who deal in wasp control will inspect and remove the wasp and hornet’s nest in a safe way to assist you with the problem.

Keep your rubbish tidy.

Once you have successfully solved the issue, try to prevent them from returning. You can do that by knowing what attracts them most when building a nest. Try to keep your garbage clean and in an organised way, making sure food especially fruit in sealed rubbish bags.

Checking your property.

Check your rooftops, loft spaces, sheds, garden heaps, garages and other similar places regularly and get rid of your garbage on a daily basis. Especially to prevent the decomposing of your food waste. Moreover, seal off any entrance to your home and check whether your insulation is suffering from any cracks or water pondering. Best way to prevent the wasp and hornet nests is to take some precautions.

How to trap and kill wasps and wasp hornet nests

Forget D.I.Y and call in the pro’s who will use effective methods to deal with the wasps and hornets. If you are based in Yorkshire, UK, and spot a wasp or hornet nest, do not hesitate to contact Apex Pest Control immediately!

Apex has 30 years experience in dealing with wasp nest and wasp hornets with successful treatment in killing these flying pests. To trap and remove these pests Call 0114 349 1098 and let the local pest control experts trap, treat and kill these bugs quickly and safely.


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Why Termites Could Still Be A Threat To Your Richmond Home

Many pests have a “season” when they are most active. However, termites can be active all year long, especially if they have set up camp inside the warmth of your structure and wood. So don’t let your guard down. Termites could be wreaking havoc in your home right now and could be a problem all winter long. Just think of the damage they can do throughout the year without you ever being the wiser.
Late swarmers can lead to an extended peak period of time that can go well into October. This is a period of time when you may find the discarded wings of insects in your Richmond home, as well as winged termites emerging from your walls. These swarmers are seeking a mate in order to begin a new colony which will exponentially compound an existing infestation.

Once termites have gained access to your home, structure, and other wood items, they will feed on all the wood they can find, especially if it is soft, moist, or water damaged. They are the #1 structure-damaging pest in Canada, costing home and business owners around $5 billion a year. You don’t want to become one of the statistics that make that amount grow each year.

Termites are really difficult to eradicate fully as their primary nest can be up to 300 feet away from where they are looking for wood products to consume, and they can develop multiple satellite colonies. They work silently in hidden locations, making it very hard to find them, get rid of them, and keep them away. A professional pest control service can guarantee effective and efficient results controlling the termites that are plaguing your home. Our professional, highly trained technicians are armed and ready to get to work for you with the most effective methods to make sure your home is termite free.


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How You Should Prepare for Scorpions in Winter

The Arizona Bark scorpions can congregate together in groups of up to 30. What we didn’t tell you is that they normally do during the winter months, normally between January and February.

Although they can survive the cold weather, Arizona Bark scorpions like to seek refuge in warm places, like the inside of your home. Once inside, they’ll pine for shade so you may find these pests in dark crevices between flooring and baseboards, behind your couch, or even more eerily, inside your sneakers.

Scorpions may hibernate inside your home because they despise cooler temperatures, and they are sometimes hard to spot if you aren’t looking. They only really come out of hibernation when the weather warms up so you may not notice them until the first signs of the spring show.

Scorpions are sneaky in that they can pinpoint entryways into your home, so it’s important that these cracks are sealed and old weather stripping on doors is replaced when necessary. Another precautionary measure to take is to make sure the shrubbery on your home’s interior is trimmed before cold weather hits as they are excellent climbers and can maneuver their way through.


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Don’t Make These Pest Control Mistakes

Your home is neither safe nor healthy if you are living with pests.  It doesn’t matter how clean your home is or where it is located there will come a time where you will find ants, roaches or some other kind of pest that decided they wanted to become your roommate.  Getting rid of them is definitely a priority, pests bring diseases and can cause damage to your home.  Some pests are far easier than others to get rid of, but don’t make these pest control mistakes if you want to get rid of your infestation for good.

Don’t Buy Over the Counter Solutions

The first mistake that most homeowners make is trying to tackle the problem by themselves.  After finding mice, ants or some other type of pest your first instinct may be to head to the hardware store to find something that will kill them.  Most of the over the counter solutions will kill what’s in front of you but won’t eliminate the problem for good.  You can kill an ant or roach by spraying it, but it won’t do anything for the thousands of them living in the colony.  Cockroaches and ants reproduce at an alarming rate, you need to kill the larvae if you want to get rid of them for good.

Believing that You Got them All

Setting an ant trap or two may take care of the ants you can see, but there are more…there are always more.  Other pests like termites are notoriously hard to spot and you can have a huge colony living in your home without you realizing it.  Insects are constantly looking for a home that has plenty of food and water and just because you can’t see them anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t still there.  A good exterminator can find the nest and the infestation that you can’t see, that’s why you should call in the pros.  Here are some places that pests can hide.

Not Calling in an Exterminator

Your first stop shouldn’t be a hardware store but rather a phone call to an exterminator.  Even if you don’t end up using their services they are the best qualified to direct you on how to handle the problem and recommend a product that is effective.  Bear in mind that exterminators are licensed so make sure that whoever you call has the right credentials.  You want to make sure that you solve the problem once and for all!


5 Steps for Getting Rid of Cockroaches

There is nothing worse than finding out you have cockroaches in your house.  Getting rid of them can be time consuming not to mention expensive and there isn’t a more resilient creature on the planet.  If you want to get rid of these unwanted guests the first thing you need to do is identify the type of roach.  Chances are good that is the German cockroach, they are the most common type of roach found in the US.  They love water so the first thing you want to do is get rid of any potential water sources in your home.  Here are 5  steps for getting rid of cockroaches.

Find the Problem Areas

Trying to eliminate roaches before you find out where they are coming in or nesting will be an exercise in futility.  Start by searching your home with a flashlight to find where they are hanging out.  Look under the fridge and behind it, under your sink and in closets.  You can lay down some glue strips to determine where they are coming in and where you are catching the most of them.

Seal any Gaps with Caulk

While traps and pesticides will lower the number of roaches in your home, you need to stop them from coming into your home.  Stopping them from spreading is crucial to finally getting rid of them.  You can block some of their entry points using caulk.  Look for gaps between tiles, entry holes, crevices and walls and fill them in with caulk.  Around your windows or doors you can use some weather stripping.

Use Bait

One of the most effective killers of cockroaches is gel bait and you can use it cracks and crevices, around your baseboards and other areas where there are a lot of roaches.  There are also bait stations that can be used as well.  They attract roaches and then let them feed on poison, the roach brings the poison back to the nest to die.  Other roaches will eat the dead roach and also die from the poison.

Boric Acid

First if you have pets or children then you don’t want to even try this to get rid of your roaches, boric acid is dangerous.  While you will find it in tons of household products by itself it is very toxic to both humans and roaches.

Call in an Exterminator

Roaches are nothing if not resilient and getting rid of them on your own is difficult.  If you have tried on your own and you are still finding them in your home then you need to bring in the pros.  Most people don’t even try and get rid of roaches on their own they go straight to the exterminator and make sure they are gone for good.