How You Should Prepare for Scorpions in Winter

The Arizona Bark scorpions can congregate together in groups of up to 30. What we didn’t tell you is that they normally do during the winter months, normally between January and February.

Although they can survive the cold weather, Arizona Bark scorpions like to seek refuge in warm places, like the inside of your home. Once inside, they’ll pine for shade so you may find these pests in dark crevices between flooring and baseboards, behind your couch, or even more eerily, inside your sneakers.

Scorpions may hibernate inside your home because they despise cooler temperatures, and they are sometimes hard to spot if you aren’t looking. They only really come out of hibernation when the weather warms up so you may not notice them until the first signs of the spring show.

Scorpions are sneaky in that they can pinpoint entryways into your home, so it’s important that these cracks are sealed and old weather stripping on doors is replaced when necessary. Another precautionary measure to take is to make sure the shrubbery on your home’s interior is trimmed before cold weather hits as they are excellent climbers and can maneuver their way through.


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