How to get rid of flies in your Home

Cheap ways to get rid of flies

To get rid of flies using a choice of Repellents

One of the best ways to get rid of flies is the use of a choice of effective repellents. These repellants can come in a variety of different forms. Flies tend to land on anything so that they can taste it. The smellier and tastier the food the more they are attracted. Flies actually taste through the hairs on their legs and are very sensitive to anything with a strong smell. This can be very irritating, especially as they can carry a variety of germs picked up from elsewhere. In this way there is great importance in using repellants that either kill or deter flies from invading your home or work place. Here are a few home remedies worth trying.

Fly pest control using Plastic Bags Filled with Water

This method seems to be quite an unusual approach, but scientists that have researched this say that it works as an effective natural bug repellent. So first of all, half fill a plastic bag with water and then hang it in doorways, windows, and in areas where flies are becoming a problem. The water reflects light in multiply directions which include the places where flies typically congregate, this reflected light drives the flies away.

To get rid of flies using Vinegar

Flies are attracted to strong smelling and fruity products like vinegar and wine. By knowing this you can make a great home remedy fruity fly trap by using apple cider vinegar. Firs use a shallow bowl and put an inch of the vinegar in it with a tablespoon of sugar. Then as flies are attracted to fruity smells add some fruit-scented washing-up liquid or liquid dish soap. Tightly cover the dish with clingfilm or plastic wrap. Poke a few holes in it. This way the flies will be attracted to the liquid and they will end up trapped inside the dish and get caught in the vinegar and sugar concoction.

Making a trap of milk, sugar and water to eradicate flies

This type of trap works with a variety of flies but is especially effective with pesky fruit flies. Fruit flies can reproduce like crazy so getting these in your home can leave you infested and over run with the things. You can quite easily make a sweet honey trap similar to the vinegar one above. Flies and fruit flies are more attracted to honey than vinegar so it’s worth a try as a trap.

Another trap involves using milk which is very effective and is used all over the world as an effective trap. Simply heat up a mixture of 2 cups of milk, half a cup of sugar and half a cup of water in a saucepan. Allow this to simmer for 10 minutes and then let it cool. Pour the solution into a shallow dish and watch the flies be drawn to the mixture. As the flies land on the mixture trying to taste it with their leg hairs they get caught and drown.

To get rid of flies use homemade Fly Killer Sprays

This is not much so much a trap but more of a proactive way in dealing with the flies as they fly about your home. The Fly Killer sprays that we buy from shops are filled with chemicals that can be irritating and possibly harmful to people who are sensitive to the types of smell they emit. So instead of blasting your home with chemicals you can make your own natural spray. First empty a spray bottle and add two cups of warm water with 12 drops of washing liquid. Close the lid and shake the mixture. Now your homemade fly killer spray is ready for use. Simply spray it directly onto the flies. It effectively kills them quite quickly.

To get rid of flies use a Fly Vacuum

You can vacuum flies up with a regular vacuum, but they may fly out again when you turn the vacuum off. However, there are special hand-held vacuums specifically for catching flies. These have a trap door that prevents the flies from getting back out. Within a few minutes of hunting flies with one of these special vacuums each morning and night is a quick solution to your fly problems.

Avoid leaving Food Out

As flies are naturally attracted to food, food wastes and other sticky plant material it is good to bear this in mind. As a preventative measure, try to keep all food covered or put away in the fridge when not in use. Make sure you empty your refuse bins regularly, especially after you have put food in them. Keeping on top of these basic and often over looked issues can make a big difference.

If you do get an infestation that is too overwhelming, you could alternatively ask the advice and support of a local pest control company near you.